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George Eritsyan

Facility Maintenance

About me

Titan Maintenance Group CEO George Eritsyan provides a unique blend of experience and education to help businesses flourish in operations improvement.

Current Role and Responsibilities

Titan's CEO is Eritsyan, a licensed facility maintenance operations expert who joined the company in 2019. Working closely with his executive team, he contributed to the company's growth by designing and implementing tried-and-true tactics to maximize:

cost-cutting measures,

improve operations,

use cutting-edge technology

functioning of the facility

With his primary idea of ending the day with the client better positioned than when the day began, his significant break-fix experience results in talents and expertise applicable to numerous industries.

At Titan Maintenance Group, he implemented an intuitive work order management system to provide clients with a transparent and practical approach to planning repairs and maintenance. Whether it's HVAC repair or electrical repairs, the system rapidly dispatches a repair crew to the location to remedy the problem. The approach Eritsyan helped build clients with a promptly well-done task, whether it is flood cleaning or plumbing repair.

A Business Approach Based on Collaboration

George Eritsyan prioritizes client interaction and collaboration to develop the best value offer for each customer. His company's subject matter specialists find his energy contagious, which aids him in creating high-growth settings. Employees chose vibrant, passionate, and trustworthy to define George in three words. His emphasis on teamwork extends to his staff and the firms working with Titan Maintenance Group.

Professional Experience

George Eritsyan began his executive career in 2006 with Quest Building Services, Inc. in Van Nuys, California. He formulated the concepts he would eventually put into reality with Titan while serving as its CEO. This includes the idea of a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week on-call maintenance company that would handle emergency circumstances as part of its routine business rather than charging an extra cost.

He also developed the concept of a full-service maintenance organization that businesses can employ to outsource their overall facilities needs while at Quest. He assists Woods in providing these comprehensive services to the healthcare, retail, big box, food service, commercial office, pharmacy, supermarket, and property management industries through Titan.

Eritsyan is also an active member of two other Nevada corporations, Goliath Management Group, Inc. and Petrolpros, Inc. Goliath Management Group, Inc., a Nevada and Arizona commercial contractor, constructs retail spaces, hotels, other commercial spaces, and horizontal additions. In Arizona, the corporation maintains a general dual license.

Petrolpros, Inc., based in Las Vegas, Nevada, specializes in gas station maintenance and repairs. Immediate repair of hanging gear, breakaways, nozzles, dispenser parts, and preventative maintenance are among the services provided. The latter includes inspections, pump testing, and the installation of improved parts that keep stations up to date.

Professional Background

George learned about break-fix solutions by working his way up through general maintenance, construction, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and refrigeration. His time in California showed him the value of quickly addressing a problem, whether a leak, a break, or an outage. As a result, he devised the maintenance plan framework and the 24-hour on-call methodology employed by Titan Maintenance Group and Petrolpros, Inc. by addressing problems as soon as they arose.

Eritsyan noticed a new requirement with COVID-19. Titan Maintenance Group led in establishing disinfection and cleansing techniques to help keep Nevada safer with him at the helm. The organization is continuously improving its systems to keep Nevadans secure.

Important Skill Set

George has gained three critical skills working at every level of the maintenance and break-fix industry during his career in roles in California, Arizona, and Nevada. This critical skill set comprises the following:

Strategy for Business

Executive Leadership

High-Performance Groups.

Eritsyan has successfully led three enterprises in the maintenance industry in two states based on a business model of swift problem resolution and 24-hour repairs. He sharpened his executive management abilities with organizations in the construction and maintenance industries, gaining insight into the value of correctly designing a structure from the start, making maintenance easier. Leading teams across sectors, both in the field and in the office, provides Eritsyan with experience from both sides of the business, which he applies while formulating growth strategies.

This knowledge enables him to build high-performance teams that understand the value of a task well done and efficiently completed. In addition, these teams serve as strategic partners to organizations that require break-fix and maintenance.

In a Nutshell: Eritsyan

Since relocating to Nevada, George has helped Titan Maintenance Group, Inc. become an industry leader in the facility maintenance business. That is his purpose with Petrolpros, Inc. and Goliath Management Group, Inc. Building a firm, like a house, requires using high-quality resources and laborers. Likewise, businesses, like structures, require maintenance and additions. That's how they grow and expand, which Eritsyan has mastered.